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Keeps your natural lashes full of volume and length.

Can be used with or without lash extensions, amazing for growing and repairing damaged lashes.

LashQueen serum can be used on eyebrows as well to prevent thinning brows and fill in brow gaps.

Results within 7-14 days

Ultimate result apply daily for 6 - 12 weeks


LashQueen serum is made of vitamins and polypeptides that increases the length and volume of your lashes!

Natural ingredients, safe for sensitive eyes


^ LashQueen serum 7ml, will supply 3-6 months when used on lashes only.

If applied to brows and lashes supply last 3-4 months.


How to Use


1. Remove makeup or cream and ensure lashes or brows are dry.


2. Apply the serum from outer corner of the eye inwards, to stimulate growth for the butterfly effect on eyelashes.

Apply directly on root of your lash line.

For Brows, apply directly over and extra on gaps.


3. Let the serum dry before applying other products.


4. Use daily, preferably in morning




Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrating and nourishing peptides stimulate growth for stronger, longer, fuller lashes and brows.


Ginger and Ginseng root extract strengthens eyelash growth from root to tip, thickening sparse lashes.


Polygonum root extract nourishing your lash line and brow line


Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Stimulates cell growth of lashes and brows



Stimulates blood supply to the hair root which enhances hair growth.

LashQueen Lash & Brow Serum


    Developed for all Skin Types - for the ultimate Tan Experience

    Our Mousse has been tried & tested by the experts in Tan Technology to give you the most natural results you can find.

    Spray Tan Queen Velvet Mousse
    GRETA - Spray Tan Queen

    The Woman behind
    The Tan...

    Greta is the Queen of all things tan. Eating, sleeping and breathing the perfect bronze techniques, she has 20+ years of experience in the beauty industry.


    After years of tanning the likes of models, influencers and celebrities, Greta has cultivated her magic. Bottling up the perfect formula for women everywhere, so that anyone can feel like royalty with that perfect, flawless glow.

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