Eyelash Extensions, is the latest beauty trend that will enrich your facial beauty by highlighting your exquisite eyes.   Eyelash extensions produce long, thick and glossy lashes that no mascara can achieve. ​​

We pride ourselves in being able to determine a type of style and length of lash that will accentuate the brilliance in your eyes to compliment your every aspirations of achieving a natural splendour.

At Spray Tan Queen we create and individual eyelash enhancement.  When it comes to perfect Eyelash extensions “one size does not fit all”. 

Our lash extensions are: 

  • Perfect, long black and seductive 

  • Eyelash glamour 24/7

  • Great for girls who hate mascara

  • Ideal for busy women

  • Weightless and waterproof


The magnificence in your eyes will say it all.

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Classic lash length and volume set
Classic lash long volume set
Classic lash long volume set
Volume lash set on Asian Eyes