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Frequently Asked Questions - Hints & Tips

Q: Can I have a spray tan if I have sensitive skin?

A: Yes, however, a test patch is available, especially if it’s for a special occasion such as your wedding.

Q: My skin reacts to some products – will that prevent me from having a spray tan?

A: A test patch is strongly recommended well in advance of the actual spray.

Q: Can I control how light or dark my skin will be after having a tan?

A: Yes, at Spray Tan Queen we will advise and consult with you on the depth of colour of your spray

Q: How long can I expect my tan to last?

A: 4 – 7 days if you do not use any products to enhance and nourish your tan, however, if you do enhance and nourish your tan with

Spray Tan Queen Velvet Mousse Luxury you can expect it to last 7 – 14 days.

Q: How many days before I want to be my best should I have my tan?

A: For special occasions it is recommended that you have your tan the day before. Spray Tan Queen custom formula does not need to be rinsed off many times as it is perfect after your first shower. 

Q: How many times will I need to have a tan applied before my wedding day?

A: It is recommended that you purchase one of the bridal packages offered. This allows for the best possible results to be achieved for your special day. A trial tan is strongly recommended prior to your wedding day and is included in all our bridal packages.

Q: Can I get a tan during winter?

A:  Yes, a spray tan is a great winter pick-me-up. Our beauty salon is warm and inviting to ensure all our clients are always comfortable. 

Q: Should I have a tan before I go on holiday so that I won’t look too white on the beach or around the pool?

A: If you're planning to go on a holiday we recommend being sprayed the day before you depart. This will ensure your tan will develop while you are en-route and you arrive at your destination with a perfect tan when you hit the beach or shops.


Q: Will a tan cause any damage to my skin?

A: Any brand of spray tan will fade evenly over the week causing no damage to your skin. However, if you are prone to any allergic reactions, we strongly recommend a small test patch before undertaking a full tan.

Q: Do you tan my private parts? Will it hurt?

A: We do not intentionally spray your private parts, however, a small amount of spray may settle on the front of your private area. And NO there is NO pain. It’s the most painless beauty service out there!

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