"A tan is like a dress. . . no matter the colour as long as you feel beautiful". - Greta, Spray Tan Queen -



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Velvet Mousse Luxury & Mitt

  • Spray Tan Queen has launched their most in-demand product, Velvet Mousse Luxury. This self-application tan mousse has a light formula that glides on the skin and blends in with your own natural skin tone.



    • Instant colour
    • Instant glamour
    • Rinse on how dark or light you prefer colour



    • Mousse ONLY - $35
    • Mousse and glove - $45
  • For best results an application mitt is highly recommended.

    • Shake mousse pump 2 or 3 times on mitt, start application on front leg in circular motion.
    • Avoid knees and ankles and feet. Once most of product is absorbed gently and lightly apply mitt to knees, ankle and feet. This ensures that these areas do not over develop.
    • Continue to blend the mousse in circular motion on the other side working your way up the body.
    • Apply the mousse into sections and do the same for both sides, front and back. Once you are done, gently press the mitt and the remainder of the product on to face and gently blend to ensure you haven’t applied too much product. 
    • Rinse depending on how dark or light you prefer colour. 


    For best results an application mitt is highly recommended.

    • 1 hour - light 
    • 2 hours - medium 
    • 3+ hours - dark 


    • Pat yourself dry with towel, do not rub.
    • No moisturiser 
    • Self tan will continue to develop over next 8-12 hours. 
    • Moisturise after second shower
    • Continue to moisturise every day and reapply every other day to maintain depth of colour.